50 Best Haircuts and Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair in 2020

There are tons of ideas for short curly hair of any type/curl pattern. Even if they are a little coarse or unruly, there is a way for every type of curl to look amazing at all times. All you need is some inspiration and the magical hands of a professional stylist!

Explore these 50 cute ideas and find a perfect hairstyle for your short curly hair in 2020!

1. Short Curly Black Hair. Jet black hair against your delicate porcelain skin will stand out even nicer with a statement-making side undercut.

Short Curly Undercut for Black Hair

2. Short Curly Hair with Bangs. Styling your curls with bangs can be easy; you just need to find your perfect fringe style. Try loose ringlets and a messy texture for a relaxed French feel.

Natural Curly Bob with Bangs

3. Short Curly Hair with Highlights. The volume of your hair stands out even better with highlighted strands curled up in tight ringlets.

Layered Curly Hairstyle with Highlights

4. Short Hairstyle for Black Girls. Let your mane roam free with a well-groomed hairstyle for short curly hair that looks amazing especially on natural hair.

Natural Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

5. Short Curly Pixie Hairstyle. A neatly designed asymmetrical pixie can make you look super delicate and cute. To style short curly hair this way, leave your top longer to flaunt messy curls and undercut the sides.

Short hHaircut for Curly Hair

6. Short Curly Bob Hairstyle. Short haircuts for curly-haired women are always a go-to. After looking at this cute messy bob style, all you’ll want to do is make your next hair appointment!

Cute Messy Curly Bob

7. Thin Curly Hair. Live out your best “Amelie” dreams with a truly sweet hairstyle for short natural curly hair!

Short Hairstyle for Thin Curly Hair

8. Short Layered Cut for Thick Curly Hair. Messy styling of your chunky layered curls can add an exciting lionesque feel to your look.

Messy Layered Thick Curly Hairstyle

9. Really Short Curly Hair. Get your hair looking its best with a short classic cut oozing the appeal of the roaring 20’s.

Very Short Cut for Curly Hair

10. Short Curly Hair for Black Women. Playing with trendy colors and the wet texturizing effect is a must-try if you’re after a creative hair experiment.

Trendy Short Curly Gray Hair

11. Curly Red Hair Hairstyle. Make your curls scream “fun” with a messy naturally curly shoulder-length look.

Natural Shoulder-Length Red Hairstyle

12. Very Short Curly Hairstyle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles: short haircuts for curly hair can be super pretty, even during your growing out period.

Short Hairstyle for Naturally Curly Hair

13. Colorful Short Hairstyle for Black Women. Make your old-fashioned pixie much more exciting by inviting a few colorful strands to the party!

Short Colorful Hair for Black Women

14. Curly Hair with Short Sides. Get an edgy feel, as well as the freedom to minimize your styling time, by getting this cut at your next salon appointment.

Short Sides Cut for Curly Hair

15. Dimensional Pixie for Over 50. Shed a few years with a modern hairstyle for short curly hair that older girls love since it gives them an opportunity to show off their inner power and friskiness.

Over 50 Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair

16. Short Brown Curly Hair. Curly hair is amazing thanks to how easy it builds and maintains volume. Take this shaggy yet very cute style as an example! Looks perfect with glasses.

Short Curly Hair with Glasses

17. Short Curled Hair for Older Ladies. If your hair texture allows it, add a cute little bang to your short-haired event. It will no doubt take a few years off and leave you feeling cheeky!

Short Curled Shag with a Cropped Bang

18. Curly Hair with a Nape Undercut. A very modern and exciting take for short curly-haired women. Definitely a way to a statement-making ‘do for warmer days.

Undercut for Short Curly-Haired Women

19. Short Blonde Cut for Naturally Curly Hair. Can’t help but love these dusty pink curls on darker skin! The short frisky haircut only makes the whole look so much cuter!

Short Dusty Pink Naturally Curly Hair

20. Perm Styling for Short Hair. Change up your looks all-together with a sweet perm makeover that will totally get you to a head-turning effect in no time.

Sweet Short Perm Hairstyle

By Talkin Heads Cut & Color

21. Curly Pixie Undercut. A deep undercut lets you have all the volume swept to one side, making this look appealing for low-maintenance loving girls.

Undercut Pixie Bob for Curly Hair

22. Shaggy Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair. A great style that effortlessly lets you volumize the top of your hair while also complimenting your long neck!

Short Shag for Curly Hair

23. Front Swept Curly Hairstyle. Bring all the fun your longer curls have to offer to the front with fake bangs and tuck the sides behind the ears neatly.

Short Curly Hairstyle with Fake Bangs

24. Short Cut for Brown Curly Hair. Another great low-maintenance styling option. If your hair features a soft texture with loose curls, you won’t have to fuss around much in the morning with a cut like this.

Low-Maintenance Short Curly Cut

25. Short Curly Black Wig. Wigs allow you to look different every day! Try something out of the ordinary, or go for a more elegant and classic idea, like this one.

Short Natural Hair Wig

26. Short Curly Hair for Round Face. A halo-looking head of curls can be surprisingly flattering on round faces and isn’t that hard to maintain and style.

Short Natural Hairstyle for Round Faces

27. Short Curly Gray Hair. If you’ve got something to say and want to do it in style, get a bold hairdo like this one to make everyone hear your beautiful voice!

Gray Curly Short Hairstyle

28. Short Curly Fauxhawk. Achieve this cute look by going really short on the sides and at the back, while bringing most of your volume to the top of your head.

Natural Gray Short Fauxhawk

29. Short Layered Curly Hair. Add a wow factor to your loose curly hair with an asymmetrical layered cut and a splash of color!

Short Curly Asymmetrical Layered Cut

30. Natural Big Curly Hair. We cannot help but love the effortless beauty of natural hair and how well it looks in a medium short curly hair cut.

Natural Medium Short Curly Cut

31. Short Crop with Tiny Curls and Undercut. An amazing option if you want to showcase a bright color in your hair as well as bring more volume to the top.

Curly Natural Undercut

32. Super Short Curly Hair Cut. A cute yet edgy hairdo to show off the flawless shape, contrast of textures, and your beautiful bone structure.

Edgy Super Short Cut for Curly Hair

33. Curly Bowl Cut. The modern undercut bowl cut is a fresh approach to short curly hair flattering for most face shapes, including fuller faces.

Undercut Bowl Cut for Curly Hair

34. Natural Frizzy Curly Haircut. A tapered pixie gives your curls some space to move and grow while helping your cheekier side come out to play!

Tapered Cut for Natural Curly Hair

35. Short Hair Cut for Gray Hair. Grays don’t have to be boring: with the right styling of your curls, the best shades of your beautiful gray hair will show themselves off.

Short Curly Gray Hair for Older Ladies

36. Medium Short White Curly Hair. As well as grays, white hair is actually very much in style. Play with the tones and sizes of your curls for extra volume!

Over 60 White Curly Bob

37. Warm Copper Short Curly Hair. A cozy natural shorter hairdo that you should definitely explore for those cold winter days.

Very Short Natural Curly Hairstyle

38. Soft Black Curls for Short Hair. Rock your short lively curls shaped by a modern cut. Play around with a side undercut for an extra edgy feel.

Edgy Modern Undercut for Black Curls

39. Layered Pixie with Nape Undercut. Totally lovely styling of short hair with some loose bangs, face-framing pieces, and a deep nape undercut.

Curly Layered Undercut on Short Length

40. Updo for Short Curly Hair. An easy way out of the morning fuss. Always look ready for the red carpet with a naturally curly updo or an updo-like undercut.

Updo-Like Undercut for Curly Hair

41. A Head Full of Thick Curls. This length is short enough not to bother you, but it shows off your beautiful curl pattern and provides a flattering shape.

Short Haircut for Thick Curly Hair

42. Bright Red Short Curly Haircut. Try this easy-to-scrunch styling of colorful curls and watch people’s excitement grow as they can’t put the finger on your real age.

Short Curly Scrunched Hairstyle

43. Short Curly Crochet Hair. If you are looking for an easy way to wear your hair and protect your natural curls, opt for a short-to-medium length and tiny crochet ringlets.

Short-to-Medium Crochet Curls

By Embrace Me Naturally Salon

44. Short Curly Blonde Hair. Nothing is better than hair that roams wild. Let your curls flow loose and add a faded undercut for a finished feel.

Undercut Curly Blonde Hair

45. Everyday Pixie for Thick Hair. Give your thick wavy hair space to expand and grow with a casual tapered pixie cut, where the curls flow softly to the front.

Curly Tapered Short Cut for Thick Hair

46. Very Short Hair with an Undercut. There are so many options to style curly hair, why not experiment with a neat undercut?

Short Undercut for Curly Hair

47. Inverted Bob for Short Curly Hair. Bring all of your hair to the front stacking it shorter at the back. Naturally curly hair will hold the volume beautifully!

Stacked Bob for Naturally Curly Hair

48. Curly Crop for Natural Brunettes. A longer pixie cut gives you an option of a thicker fringe as well as a nice wider face frame!

Curly Crop with a Fringe

49. Rusty Red Curly Cut. Let out your fierceness with a statement-making cut and a color that will speak for you.

Short Bright Rusty Haircut for Curly Hair

50. Colored Short Curly Wavy Hair. Make your curls even more exciting with some color added to them! Your opportunities are endless.

Curly Wavy Bob with Pink Ends

Regardless of the type of your curls, there are hundreds of haircuts for you to choose from. We hope that these 50 hairstyles for short curly hair have given you an idea of what to show to your stylist on your next visit!

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